Innovative CNC controls and position encoders from one source for modern machine tools: HEIDENHAIN at the EMO 2009

Machine tool builders are demanding ever shorter mounting and commissioning times for the electrical equipment on their machines. Particularly for safety-related machines and systems, they need position encoders that deliver safe, redundant position values over a fast serial interface to a dual-channel control. These topics are among the focal points of HEIDENHAIN, the control and encoder specialists from Traunreut, Germany, at this year’s EMO.

HEIDENHAIN will also be placing emphasis on an application-oriented presentation of its controls. At the EMO, HEIDENHAIN will once again present many new features and improvements to its TNC controls. Among the most significant is the Dynamic Collision Monitoring during setup and milling operations, as well as the “KinematicsOpt functions,” which can help increase the positioning accuracy of a machine tool.

The goal of functional safety is to minimize or even eliminate risks that can occur during normal or impaired operation of machines or facilities. This is achieved primarily with redundant systems. For example, axes that are moved in safety-oriented applications require redundant position information and dual-channel safety and control systems in order to perform the corresponding functions.

With its new LC and RCN absolute linear and angle encoders, HEIDENHAIN will place functional safety in the forefront of its presentation. Safety-related position encoders with Functional Safety, HEIDENHAIN’s term for this new feature, are single-encoder systems that provide two independently formed, redundant position values over EnDat, a well-known fast serial interface. A safety-related position measuring system can be used as a single-encoder system in conjunction with a safe control (also represented in HEIDENHAIN's booth with its proven iTNC 530), in applications with control category SIL-2 (in accordance with DIN EN IEC 61 508) or performance level “d” (in accordance with DIN EN ISO 13 849).

With its LC 811, HEIDENHAIN will show for the first time an absolute sealed linear encoder for long measuring lengths—up to 28 meters. This encoder is the long-awaited counterpart to the incremental LB version. The heart of the encoder is a highly accurate METALLUR scale tape with a PRC graduation.  The LC 811 also fulfills the requirements of functional safety. Among its angle encoders, HEIDENHAIN is presenting its new RCN with an improved hollow shaft seal design. The RCN 5000 series, a newly developed product, is premiering with an outside diameter of Æ 110 mm and a hollow shaft diameter of Æ 35 mm.

The well proven TNC controls for milling machines and machining centers have many new functions in store for its users. The complex motions and high traversing speeds of five-axis operations make axis movements difficult to foresee. With its expanded dynamic collision monitoring, HEIDENHAIN is offering a helpful function that relieves the machine operator and protects the machine from damage. One new feature is the possibility of entering new fixture descriptions.

Accuracy requirements are becoming increasingly stringent, particularly in the area of 5-axis machining. Complex parts are required to be manufactured with precision and reproducible accuracy even over long periods. Specialized application engineers will demonstrate to EMO visitors the functions of KinematicsOpt and KinematicsComp, which help turn these high requirements into reality. With a HEIDENHAIN touch probe in the spindle, KinematicsOpt automatically measures the rotary axes on your machine. The results of measurement are the same regardless of whether the axis is a rotary table, a tilting table or a swivel head. From the measured values, the TNC calculates the static tilting accuracy. The software minimizes the spatial error arising from the tilting movements and, at the end of the measurement process, automatically saves the machine geometry in the respective machine constants of the kinematics table.

With KinematicsComp, the control is capable of compensating the geometrical position and component error of the machine tool axes. Only the position of the tool center point is corrected, and the tool orientation to the workpiece remains unaffected. That prevents undesired movements during simultaneous multi-axis machining. In this way, HEIDENHAIN helps to increase even further the precision and accuracy of machines equipped with the TNC.

HEIDENHAIN will present a new product from among the touch probe systems, as well: The TT 449 is a touch probe for tool measurement that, like the well known TS workpiece touch probes, can now transfer trigger signals as infrared signals. This eliminates the need for a cable in the machine's working space.

HEIDENHAIN at the EMO, in Hall 3 Booth F06

DR. JOHANNES HEIDENHAIN GmbH develops and manufactures linear and angle encoders, rotary encoders, digital readouts, and numerical controls for demanding positioning tasks. HEIDENHAIN products are used primarily in high-precision machine tools as well as in plants for the production and processing of electronic components.

With our extensive experience and know-how in the development and manufacture of measuring devices and numerical controls, we create the groundwork for the automation of tomorrow's plants and production machines.

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