ECA 4000 – Absolute Modular Angle Encoder for Safety-Related Applications

With the absolute angle encoder of the ECA 4410 series, HEIDENHAIN offers an ideal solution for position acquisition for rotational axes in safety-related applications. In conjunction with a safe control, the encoders can be used as single-encoder systems for applications with control category SIL 2 (as per EN 61 508) and performance level “d” (as per EN ISO 13 849).

Reliable transmission of the position is based on two independently generated absolute position values and on error bits, which are then provided to the safe control. The functions of the encoder can be used for numerous safety functions in the complete system as per EN 61 800-5-2.

The ECA 4410 angle encoder provides a safe absolute position value at all times— including immediately after switch-on. Purely serial data transfer takes place via the bidirectional EnDat 2.2 interface.

In addition to the data interface, the mechanical connection of the encoder to the motor is also relevant to safety. Table D16 of the standard for electrical drives, EN 61 800-5-2, defi nes the loosening of the mechanical connection between the encoder and drive as a fault that requires consideration. Since it cannot be guaranteed that the control will detect such errors, a fault exclusion for the loosening of the mechanical connection is frequently required.