Have you already noticed? There are new EMO updates, e.g., the days and times of the live demonstrations.

Plan your visit to EMO now!

To help you avoid missing any exciting innovations, we have posted the days and times of the live demonstrations to be held at the HEIDENHAIN booth and “industrie 4.0 area” at emo.heidenhain.de

This site now also includes lots of other information about the trade show in advance:

  • New information about the TNC Specialist program—our response to the skills shortage
  • Exciting links about innovative setup and measurement capabilities with TNC controls and HEIDENHAIN touch probes
  • Detailed information on intelligent data management in automated manufacturing

Visit us at EMO:
HEIDENHAIN Hall 9, Booth I32
TNC Club Lounge Hall 9, Booth K32
“industrie 4.0 area” Hall 9, Booth F32
Nachwuchsstiftung Maschinenbau Hall 25 (Young Talent Foundation for Mechanical Engineering)

Or ahead of time online: emo.heidenhain.de