Connected Machining – transparent networked processes save time

The Connected Machining package of functions supports connecting the control in a network with all areas of the company that accompany production. In this way it makes uniformly digital order management possible in manufacturing. You have direct access from the control to all that data that you can use at the machine: technical drawings, CAD data, NC programs, tool data, work instructions, parts lists, warehouse information, and e-mails. So you can transform the workshop from an outpost into a full-value component part of an efficient process chain.

The benefits include a reduced workload thanks to easy data access, time-saving workflows and transparent processes. For example, you can use the control to call missing data from CAD/CAM applications. With the Remote Desktop Manager, you no longer need to rely on other people’s availability to get information. But of course you can also send feedback to all those involved in the process, e.g. about cutting data or infeeds that you’ve adapted in the workshop.

The HEIDENHAIN DNC interface makes what is termed the vertical integration of the workshop in networked manufacturing possible. It enables you to connect the TNC control with merchandise management systems or production activity control systems and send automatic feedback to running manufacturing processes. This enhances transparency in manufacturing right from a lot size of one and supports on-time order management.