Interface Electronics

    Interface electronics from HEIDENHAIN adapt the encoder signals to the interface of the subsequent electronics. They are used when the subsequent electronics cannot directly process the output signals from HEIDENHAIN encoders, or if additional interpolation of the signals is necessary.

    HEIDENHAIN interface electronics are available in various mechanical designs.

    Selection guide

    Outputs InterfaceInputs InterfaceDesign / Protection classInterpolation or subdivisionModel
    TTL1 VPPBox design / IP 655/10-fold
    IBV 600
    IBV 660B
    TTL1 VPPPlug design / IP 405/10/20/25/50/100-foldIBV 3x71

    TTL11 μAPPBox design / IP 655/10-fold
    EXE 101
    EXE 102
    2 x TTL / 1 VPP
    1 VPPBox design / IP 652-fold
    5/10-fold and 20/25/50/100-fold
    IBV 6072
    IBV 6172
    IBV 6272
    EnDat 2.21 VPPBox design / IP 65
    Plug design / IP 40
    ≤ 16 384-fold subdivisionEIB 192
    EIB 392

    EnDat 2.22 x 1 VPPBox design / IP 65≤ 16 384-fold subdivisionEIB 1512
    DRIVE-CLiQEnDat 2.2Box design / IP 65EIB 2391 S

    Fanuc Serial Interface1 VPPBox design / IP 65
    Plug design / IP 40
    ≤ 16 384-fold subdivisionEIB 192 F
    EIB 392 F
    Fanuc Serial Interface2 x 1 VPPBox design / IP 65≤ 16 384-fold subdivisionEIB 1592 F
    Mitsubishi high speed interface1 VPPBox design / IP 65
    Plug design / IP 40
    ≤ 16 384-fold subdivisionEIB 192 M
    EIB 392 M
    Mitsubishi high speed interface2 x 1 VPPBox design / IP 65≤ 16 384-fold subdivisionEIB 1592 M
    Yaskawa serial interfaceEnDat 2.2Plug design / IP 40EIB 3391 Y
    DRIVE-CLiQEnDat 2.2Cable Design/IP 65EIB 3392 S
    PROFIBUS-DPEnDat 2.1
    EnDat 2.2
    Top-hat rail designPROFIBUS-

    Box design

    Because of their high IP 65 degree of protection, interface electronics with a box design are well suited for a rough industrial environment, for example where machine tools operate. The inputs and outputs are equipped with robust M23 and M12 connecting elements. The stable cast-metal housing offers protection against physical damage as well as against electrical interference.

    The EXE/IBV 100 series distinguishes itself from the EXE/IBV 600 series primarily in its compact dimensions.

    Plug design

    The interface electronics with a plug design save a great deal of space: there is room for the entire interpolation and digitizing electronics in an extended D-sub connector housing. This offers protection against physical damage (IP 40 protection) and electrical interference. Appropriate accessory parts can be used to firmly attach the connecting elements, and stack several connectors on top of each other.

    Version for integration

    There are also versions of the interface electronics intended for integration in existing electronics. These pluggable boards must be protected against electrical and physical influences.  The IDP series consists of pure interpolation and digitizing electronics, and is intended for integration as input assemblies in non-HEIDENHAIN electronics.

    Top-hat rail design

    The interface electronics for top-hat rail mounting are suited for operation in an electrical cabinet with simple fastening on a standard DIN rail.