Service-News Issue 18/2016

New “APP Programming“ Helpline – Service and Support Relating to HEIDENHAIN Software Solutions

The Connected Machining range of functions in our TNC controls enables your workshop to access all areas that accompany the production process. Furthermore, subsequent electronics collect data from encoders and forward them. But what is the best way to integrate these units and software solutions into your specific network?

From now on a helpline team will be available to answer all your questions about the IT connection of HEIDENHAIN products with data interface. The “APP programming” helpline advises you from the selection of the correct hardware and software for your application to the commissioning and to program adaptations at phone number +49 8669 31-3106 or by e-mail to service.appheidenhainde


Cleaning and Repairing of Linear Encoders

The faultless functioning of a linear encoder is decisive for the accuracy of the machine or plant. But the function is affected by countless influences of the daily environment of the shop floor: dust, grease, oil, water and dirt are everywhere and anytime and accumulate on the linear scale or scale tape and scanning head. It is advantageous if there is a strong partner to assist you with a fast repair!


HEIDENHAIN Touch Probes – Fast Replacement in the Event of Collisions

On machine tools, especially on milling machines and machining centers, HEIDENHAIN touch probes help

  • to reduce setup times
  • to increase the usage times of the machines
  • to improve the dimensional accuracy of the workpieces produced

When the workpieces are probed, it is possible that collisions occur and the touch probe is damaged. In this case HEIDENHAIN is ready to provide several solutions.


Technische Service

Encoder Service Helpdesk
+31 318 581840 

Application Programming Helpdesk
+31 318 581800